6 tips for creating the perfect menu

man reading the perfect menu

How much diners spend on a meal can come down to the way the menu is presented.Here are six tips and hints that you need to remember when creating the perfect menu.

1. Line everything up

Restaurants that centre-align a list make it more difficult for customers to compare prices. Right-justifying dishes makes it easier for customers to avoid the most expensive items.

2. Use pictures

Restaurants can draw attention to high-profit dishes by including illustrations next to descriptions or using a different font to make them stand out.

3. Look up, look right

Studies show that diners’ eyes are drawn to the upper right-hand corner of the menu first. This is often the best place to locate the most profitable items.

4. Co-locate dishes

The highest profit item should be placed next to the most expensive dish on the menu.

5. Hide the least profitable dishes

Diners look at the bottom left of a menu last, so this is where to put the least profitable items.

6. Mark-up the second worst wine

Many diners will order the second-cheapest wine – so restaurants sometimes give that bottle the biggest mark-up.


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