5 ways to grow distribution


In this month’s cover story, Elit Rowland speaks to top wholesalers, manufacturers and media specialists to find out how their businesses get distribution right. Here are 5 top tips wholesalers need to know about.

1. Evaluate your business.

Decide whether you are maximising your current business – consider everything from shelf space to category management, online ordering, deliveries and electronic point-of-sale data.

2. Get serious about social.

Twitter and Facebook are helping to create demand for products and brands
in new areas that have not previously wanted them. How can you use social media to raise your visibility?

3. Embrace digital.

An increasing number of digital wholesalers are moving into traditional wholesaler territory. Having an online presence is a critical way of future-proofing your customer base.

4. Invest in print marketing.

51% of emails are deleted within two seconds – digital marketing is the new junk mail, while physical mail is making a comeback, particularly when it’s targeted.

5. Form partnerships.

Supplier and third-party partnerships can help your business to access new markets while penetrating deeper into existing ones. Who could you be working with?

Read the full feature to learn how to grow distribution sustainably and profitably – without investing millions of pounds – in the May issue of Better Wholesaling magazine.


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