17% of Scottish shoppers will pay more for premium

Producers have a “real opportunity” to develop premium products, Scotland Food & Drink chief executive, James Withers, told wholesalers at the Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) conference.

Withers said, “People are not going to pay more for something just because it is Scottish or local. But they will pay extra for premium.” Up to 17% more, according to his presentation to more than 200 delegates at the Crief conference last week.

He added, “We have a story behind food and drink but we haven’t always been very good at telling it”.

But with 2014 looming and Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games, and the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, telling this story has never been more important.

Reminding wholesalers that food and drink is the best-performing sector of the Scottish economy and also the fastest-growing export sector, he said, “Reputation is key, quality assurance is key and authenticity is key.”

In concluding his presentation, Withers made a pledge to wholesalers: “My commitment is to work with you to develop a Scottish range within your business.”

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