15 Minutes With…the marketing manager at Hunt’s Foodservice

Jadie Carter is the marketing manager at Hunt’s Foodservice

What was your first-ever job?

Working in a four-star hotel in Woolacombe, North Devon. I was a waitress and worked behind the bar. It was hard work, but good fun, and it’s where I learned a lot about the value of tips to the hospitality industry.

How would your colleagues at Hunt’s Foodservice describe you?
Enthusiastic, hardworking, funny, passionate and nerdy, with weird lunchtime food habits.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport that would give you a chance of winning a medal, what would it be?

Event organising. I have become that person everyone turns to either at work or home with my friends, where I am the one who organises and gets people together. I would assume that’s because I do a good job at it.

If time and money were not an issue, what hobby would you most like to get into?
I would love to be a really good snowboarder. I snowboard once a year, but have never had the time to get to a good level or develop the ability to jam in the stash parks.

What would your perfect day involve?

Wake up by the sea, eat a hearty breakfast, then enjoy a few hours in some clean surf, followed by a beach barbecue and some live music.

What is your song of choice at karaoke?

Hey Jude, by The Beatles. Then everyone can take part in the singalong at the end.

Who would be your four ideal dinner party guests?

John Lennon. I was brought up listening to the Beatles, by my dad, so if Lennon was coming over, I’d have to invite my dad as well. Then I would invite Ayrton Senna, who is an F1 hero of mine. Craig David would be the last guest, because everyone needs some ’90s cheese at a party.

What would you cook them?

That’s what JustEat is for, isn’t it?

What fad or trend would you like to see make a comeback?

Motion technology game BopIt. I bought one recently, and they have halved it so you only have three things to hit. It’s not as challenging as it used to be – bring back the full version!

If you were a superhero, what would you choose as your superpower?

I would love to have the power to make people pain-free. I know too many people who suffer with health issues or are in constant pain due to injuries, so having the superpower to remove that pain for people would be fantastic. Think how much happier and more productive society would be.

What do you wish you knew more about?

Cars. I rely on mine almost every single day, yet it amazes me how little I know about how cars work.

When did you last change your belief or opinion about something major?

I try to make my own judgements, so I am a hard one to persuade differently.

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