12 ways to grow your Christmas sales

For retailers and caterers, Christmas is the biggest time of the year, when up to 40% of hotels’ trade is done and wholesalers’ takings can swell by more than a third in the final week before the holidays.

Here are 12 things you need to be doing to make the most of the festive season.

  1. Begin Christmas deals in November – don’t wait for the price wars to start in mid-December
  2. Make sure your sales team have tasted the products they are selling to restaurants
  3. Be prepared to help your foodservice customers plan their Christmas menus before November
  4. Book a restaurant and hold a night for your top customers to come and meet your suppliers
  5. Follow UP the restaurant night with a trade day in your depot the same week
  6. Offer a sale or return policy on core lines over Christmas to give customers confidence
  7. Tell your retail customers to advertise their promotions in their shop windows
  8. Extend your customer credit policy by a week over the festive season
  9. Get a head-start and ask your foodservice customers what they will need from you and when
  10. Make it easy for your customers to order – with brochures and online ordering, call them early
  11. Have a top quality range of gluten-free and other ‘free from’ products
  12. Focus on the period between Christmas and New Year, when the multiples have exhausted their stocks

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