How rock solid is your supply chain?

empty bun

On a friend’s stag weekend in Brighton recently I got to experience from a consumer perspective some themes which crop up regularly in Better Wholesaling.

Theme one – availability – or rather the lack of it, disrupted our evening meal plans on the Friday night. We met for dinner at the pub opposite our hotel, hungry for ‘dude food’ – theme two. However, we were told all the burgers had run out, and anyone still wanting beef would have to shell out an extra £9 for the rib-eye steak. The pub had been let down by its supplier.

Our group of 22 thirsty guys had a tricky dilemma – line the stomach with steak, or keep the extra cash to pay for more delicious craft beers (theme three).

We decided to move on, possibly costing the venue a few hundred quid in lost turnover. This little example highlights the need for a rock solid supply chain. As a wholesaler, how can you minimise the risk?

In our cover story David Gilroy reveals how Abra Wholesale is planning ahead to ensure optimum stock-holding for the Christmas season – a huge opportunity which wholesalers should be making arrangements for right now. The Landmark member is focusing on staffing levels, training and order cycles and working with suppliers on buying patterns to prepare for any weather and transport problems during the season.

Much of it comes down to getting a head start – one development chef tells us he starts planning the Christmas activity a whole 16 months in advance. Take a look and challenge yourself – are you doing enough to protect your profits at Christmas?

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