20 Confex members leave to form new group

Confex opens wholesaler marketplace during coronavirus

20 wholesale members of national buying group Confex have left to form a new group called the National Buying Consortium.

As yet unnamed, the loss of the 20 members leaves Confex in a similar position to where it was at the start of the year, after recruiting 19 new members in 2019.

“We have welcomed 19 new members with a combined turnover of £162m, so rest assured our buying power and leverage continues unchanged,” explained business development director Tom Gittins.

Confex is now in its 47th year of trading and has a group turnover of £2.67bn, 229 wholesale members and 185 suppliers, as well a central distribution facility.

Gittins added: “We are also proud members of Unitas Buying Group, who utilise their £8.5bn buying power to improve our trading terms with suppliers. During the first quarter we have continued to grow. With our new chairman Martin Williams at the helm and additions of business development managers Simon King and Matt Norman, we look forward to a bright future for a dynamic and progressive Confex.”

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