TWC working with SWA on new technological award


TWC has teamed with the Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) to sponsor a new technological award as part of the Scottish Wholesale Achievers Awards 2022.

The new category will highlight wholesalers who invest in digital and tech solutions, from online ordering and data capture systems to systems that improve picking and company efficiencies.

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Wholesalers will be invited to showcase their investment, innovation, and implementation efforts that have resulted in best-practice outcomes.

They will also be expected to provide key performance indicators for the specific challenges they sought to address through technology mobilisation, as well as proof of how this has assisted their company in meeting today’s market challenges.

Managing director for TWC, Tanya Pepin, said “Scotland is renowned as a beacon when it comes to leading in innovation and technology having invented the telephone, television, penicillin, insulin and the steam engine!

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“And, we know that in the last two years, wholesalers in Scotland have increasingly woken up to the power of data and digital and are now breathing fresh innovation into their digital strategies alongside investment into new platforms and technical expertise.

“We are inviting them to showcase features that are supporting best practice and talk about their innovation in this arena, as to how it is helping their businesses move with agility in the fast-changing and competitive marketplace that we are seeing today”.

Entries for the Scottish Wholesale Achievers Awards 2022 are now open. Submissions are open to any wholesaler with a depot in Scotland and can be submitted via an online application. 


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