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chocolate sales

Reinvigorate your chocolate sales with our guide

Brexit and sugar concerns may have flattened chocolate sales, but Helena Drakakis finds that...
confectionery market

Tips that work a treat: Confectionery category guide

With the pound falling and prices rising, the confectionery market is set to suffer....
wrigley rob lockley

Wrigley’s plans to help wholesalers boost sales

In an interview with Rob Lockley, trading director at Wrigley, Helena Drakakis learns about Wrigley’s...
lady looking at a product off a shelf

How do PMPs drive sales?

Wholesalers need to embrace PMPs for the mutual benefit of retailers and consumers, writes Simon King Temporary price...

Category guide: Confectionery

The New Year’s resolutions have all been broken, and guilty pleasures and gifting are...