Britvic is working with wholesalers to offer inspiration and advice on how to refresh your soft drinks category and ensure you maximise your profits.

With a portfolio of iconic brands, Britvic is set on staying ahead of the latest industry trends, spotting opportunities in the market and sharing them with suppliers. Navigate the sections below to get up to date on the most recent product news, category management advice, inspiration and tips from one of the industry leaders. 

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    Understand the market

    What are your shoppers’ missions? How can your depot cater to them? Take note of these simple to follow steps and apply them in your depot to see your sales grow.

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    Know the category

    Which brands are top sellers? What products are in growth? Find out the latest data to ensure you stock everything you need.

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    Find the right products

    How you lay out your products can mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Follow these planograms to make sure your shelves are always ready.

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Understand the market

Expert insight and advice on the soft drinks market


Consumption Overview:

Understanding your target market is essential for building a strong business. It’s important to know who your customers are, what they want and when they want it. Make the most of your soft drinks category with the information and advice below:

  • Soft drinks has overtaken bread as the No.3 reason driving shoppers into c-stores

  • Soft drinks is the no.1 footfall driver to depots

  • Value of Soft Drinks Category in Total Impulse: £2.07bn (+1%)

Soft drinks is an incredibly dynamic category with a diverse customer base and a huge number of trends to cater for, which can sometimes make it a challenge to find the right product range for your depot. However, paying attention to the biggest trends will help you identify the key products you should be stocking, allowing you to fully take advantage of soft drinks sales opportunities available.

Key Trends

Seasonal trends have a key role to play within soft drinks, and the most successful wholesalers will always have one eye on the weather and be prepared to react quickly. Adjusting your range to cater for seasonal occasions with limited edition ranges, or to respond to changes in the weather, will enable you and your customers to respond and take advantage of seasonal soft drinks sales.

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The weather should be an especially important consideration as segments geared towards hydration, such as Water or Water Plus (flavoured waters), the fourth biggest growth area in soft drinks, are often boosted by warmer weather. If you are not prepared for sunny spells, you may lose out on sales as customers seek out drinks that provide immediate refreshment on the go.

Creating theatre with events is just as important in depot as it is in any store or outlet. Unique and eye-catching displays will help you grab the attention of customers and add excitement to your depot floor. Linking dynamic displays of soft drinks to key sporting events such as Wimbledon and Robinsons, or seasonal events like Christmas, can also create fantastic impact both visually and commercially, especially when you can connect them to a special deal or promotion.

Spotlight on sugar
In recent years, we have led the industry and taken bold steps to help consumers make healthier choices. In fact, we removed all added sugar from Fruit Shoot in 2014, making it the No.1 No Added Sugar Kids brand2. We also removed all full sugar variants of Robinsons in 2015, cementing our place as the No.1 Squash brand.

In addition, since 2005, all advertising in relation to Pepsi has led with sugar-free Pepsi Max. Today, with over two-thirds of our value sales coming from low or no sugar variants4, Britvic is the leading supplier of low calorie soft drinks in GB and Ireland, selling more low calorie drinks than any other soft drinks company. As the spotlight continues to shine on health, it’s crucial that you promote choice within your depot by offering healthier soft drinks alongside more traditional offerings.

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Before you move on to the next section, get up to date with the latest report on the category

Now that you understand how the market works, it’s time to get to know the category. Are you stocking the right products and displaying them in the best way possible?


Know the category

Top tips and examples of good practice

Key Facts

Following a less is more approach by streamlining your range, including the top selling brands in each sub-category, will simplify the shopping process for your customers, while increasing sales at the same time.

Top sub-category by growth:

  1. Smoothies
  2. Plain water
  3. Traditional mixers
  4. Water plus
  5. Cold hot drinks

Top 5 brands in soft drinks:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Pepsi
  3. Lucozade
  4. Red Bull
  5. Robinsons

Top 5 brands in total impulse:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Lucozade
  3. Red Bull
  4. Pepsi
  5. Volvic

Top tips to finding the right range for you

Are you stocking the right products and marketing them in the best way possible? Below are three top tips from the industry leaders on making the most of your range.

1. Core range

Make sure you’re stocking a core range of leading brands from each segment as a minimum in order to respond to the growing trends in the category.

2. Regional variations

Stocking a core range of top-selling products is essential, it is important to tailor your range according to your customer base. Review your sales data to see what sells well in your area, and stock lines accordingly to respond to the needs of your customers specifically.

3. NPD

Just like consumers, your customers want to see something new and exciting on offer in depot. However, they tend to shop on autopilot, and most will have a shopping list prepared well before reaching your depot. Stocking NPD in eye-catching displays on the depot floor is a sure fire way to grab the attention of these customers and drive incremental sales.

Convenience Planogram

Consider what your customers are stocking to ensure that you are offering the right ranges to meet their needs.

Now that you understand how the category works, it’s time to get up to date on the latest products. What are the newest releases and are you stocking them?


Find the right products

Stock the right products to ensure high profits

Latest Products

Keep up to date with the latest products to ensure your stock stays refreshed and you’re ahead of the competition.

Latest Campaigns

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More info & advice

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