Video: Nestlé Waters gets fruity with new Perrier & Juice range

Nestlé Waters is tapping into the thirst for flavoured sparkling water with a new low-calorie range aimed at health-conscious consumers. The brand joined forces with Bestway Wholesale at an activation event in depot to show retailers why they need Perrier & Juice on their shelves.

The flavoured sparkling water category is growing 34 times faster than water

Perrier, the iconic French sparkling mineral water brand from Nestlé Waters, has launched a thirst-quenching, fruity drink with just 46 calories per can, called Perrier & Juice. The range offers consumers the classic qualities of Perrier, paired with a hint of flavour to excite tastebuds.

The Perrier & Juice range caters to health-conscious shoppers, as it is low-calorie, has no preservatives and is naturally flavoured with fruit juices.

The flavoured sparkling water sub-category is evolving quickly, growing 34 times faster than water, and is an exciting segment for Perrier to be joining.

Barbara D’Amico, international brands lead at Nestlé Waters, says: “Perrier & Juice offers an alternative option to existing Perrier fans as well as bringing new shoppers to the segment with a low-calorie, sparkling drink with a splash of juice. The number of soft drink launches doubled last year, according to IRI data, and this is partly linked to the increase in shoppers seeking premium and lower-calorie soft drinks.

The new range of flavoured waters is available in three flavours


“Perrier caters perfectly to these consumers, offering a low-calorie yet fruity and thirst-quenching drink from a classic brand.”

The brand worked with Bestway Wholesale on an activation event at the trade giant’s West London depot.

Aryna Yersak, brand manager at Nestlé Waters, says: “We built an amazing, very bright stand at the front of the depot, showcasing the true French personality of the brand, and bringing the fun and excitement of the new product.

“We used the opportunity to get retailers to try the range and see for themselves why it warrants a place on their shelves.”

The activity was so successful, Perrier & Juice sold out in the first week of going on sale in the depot.

Each can of Perrier & Juice contains 79% Perrier – the highly carbonated, natural sparkling mineral water – more than 15% fruit juice, and the remainder includes natural flavours, all of which are exempt from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

The range consists of three variants: Strawberry & Kiwi, Peach & Cherry and Pineapple & Mango.

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Wholesaler viewpoint



Haleem Sadiq
Bestway trading controller



“Nestlé Waters is a very collaborative partner to work with, who help us tap into the right segments of growth thanks to the helpful category insight they provide. They launch some fantastic NPD, such as Perrier & Juice, which has literally flown off our shelves, and long may it continue.

“Perrier & Juice ticks all the right boxes for our customers. It is sugar tax-compliant, low in calories, and the can has a premium look and feel. The activity has been fantastic in terms of raising awareness of the product with our customers, who have responded to it very positively.”

Supplier viewpoint


Aryna Yersak

Perrier brand manager



Wholesalers and retailers should stock Perrier & Juice because, first of all, Perrier is a trusted, well-loved global brand that stands for quality.

“We are always keeping our eye on trends, and currently, health and wellbeing is on
the agenda for consumers, and we believe this should be reflected in the products you stock.

“We always want to innovate bigger and better. This is why we introduced Perrier
& Juice – a combination of the sparkling water that consumers know and love, and three different fruit juice flavours that make for a great taste.

“The product contains just 46 calories in a 250ml can that is 100% recyclable, and enters the growing sparkling water category, where there is a massive opportunity for wholesalers to take advantage.”

Retailer viewpoint




Chirag Rana
Anglo Asian, Wembley


“We bought Perrier & Juice for the first time last week, and have returned to pick up
some more cases. The Strawberry & Kiwi flavour in particular has proved to be a big hit with our customers.”


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