Country Range publishes guide for chefs serving dysphagia sufferers

The Country Range Group has published a guide in line with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) for chefs catering for people living with dysphagia.

Free to all chefs and caterers, it details the IDDSI guidelines and offers ideas, inspiration and methods from IDDSI consultant Andy Cullum, to make mealtimes appetising, nourishing, inclusive and safe.

The medical term for people inflicted with swallowing difficulties, dysphagia can affect people of all ages and can be caused by medical conditions such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s or even people in post-surgery recovery.

With the population living longer, the number of people living with dysphagia will continue to increase so education on the careful preparation of meals is crucial to prevent malnourishment and extreme medical problems.

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The Country Range Dysphagia Guide, which includes a vibrant Katsu Curry, Braised Beef and Battenburg methods to name a few, can be downloaded from

Rachel Porter, Country Range Group marketing manager, said: “We’re passionate about providing our members and their customers with the tools, not just to get-by, but to lead when it comes to important topics such as dysphagia. The aim of this guide is to give caterers a better understanding about IDDSI and to offer practical tips, tricks and innovative methods on how to produce delicious and nutritious snacks, mains and desserts, using everyday equipment and store cupboard ingredients. With Andy’s help we have provided a range of solutions to ensure that people can dine with dignity across all IDDSI levels whilst ensuring that methods are achievable in busy kitchens.”

The unique guide has been created in collaboration with renowned IDDSI consultant Andy Cullum, who added: “It’s great to work with Country Range on this project, which will make a huge difference to chefs and most importantly, those living with dysphagia. An IDSSI meal doesn’t have to be a blob on a plate. Most foods can be adapted to IDSSI – all you need is belief, time and practice.”

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